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Wrinkles on the forehead and neck are hated by everyone, but sometimes we do not know how to get rid of them: here are some simple remedies to eliminate expression signs

The expression wrinkles, especially regarding the part of the front he was born in neck, they are a real problem, they can also appear even if the sash has not passed.

Many of us, however, do not know some simple ones remedies so as not to stumble on this problem or try to solve it: here they are.

Forehead wrinkles

1 – Hyaluronic acid

If our signs of aging on the forehead are still not too obvious, the game should be easy. Among the many products that we find for sale, one of the most effective and decisive is hyaluronic acid.

This element, as many will surely already know, is already contained within our connective tissue but some cosmetics can help it and improve our skin especially over time.

Another very useful remedy is that of Vitamin C. This vitamin cannot be missing from our daily beauty routine, above all because it gives elasticity to our skin.

Wrinkles from the forehead to the neck: causes and remedies for expression signs
Massage, Photo source: Pixabay

2 – Massages

Another very useful remedy, in addition to that already indicated in the previous paragraph, is to make some massages by the beautician or even at home. This simple remedy can help prevent wrinkles, especially on the forehead, from expression that appear over time.

To start using this practice we can obviously help ourselves with our hands or buy a special roller (quartz or jade). These minerals just mentioned help our skin to become smoother and will also have a good draining effect.

3 – Patches

There are also some patches that will have an anti-aging effect on our face. Applying these patches is really very simple, in fact, just wet the affected part of the face and fix them. In this way our face will not contract during the night and the muscles will be relaxed.

4 – Bio-Botox

The Bio-Botox it is a very effective remedy that allows us not to resort to cosmetic surgery. This method is used by several famous people like Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and also Karol Lagerfel.

Bio-Botox is often added in many beauty creams and its main property is that of having many results almost immediately.

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Wrinkles on the neck, torture: how to eliminate them?

Wrinkles from the forehead to the neck: causes and remedies for expression signs
Candles, Photo source: Pexels

The wrinkles especially those expression or those that are created over time on the neck they can be really annoying, but some remedies can be really useful to help us eliminate them.

Neck wrinkle remedies

1 – Ice

One of the remedies that can really help us against wrinkles on the neck is that of ice. The cold, in fact, helps to improve the circulation of the blood and consequently the look of our neck will improve.

For example, we can prepare ice cubes with different ingredients such as: milk, chamomile, tea or the mind. As we will see later, an ingredient that can really help us against this problem is the milk.

2 – Milk

Another ingredient really miraculous is the milkin fact, as we anticipated in the previous paragraph, this other than the many features can have really excellent effects on the wrinkles of our neck.

To use it, just soak a towel in a mixture of warm water is milk, then wrap the towel around our neck. The shutter speed depends on how long it will take for our towel to cool down; finally we must rinse the neck with cold water and apply our favorite cream.

Wrinkles from the forehead to the neck: causes and remedies for expression signs
Scrub, Photo source: Pixabay

3 – Scrub with sea salt

To make the skin of ours neck more elasticinstead, we can try one scrub with salt. Just moisten a little fine sea salt and, if it is to our liking, we can also add a spoon of olive oil; to make this method even more effective, let's try a circular massage for a few minutes.

4 – Yogurt mask

Another very useful method is to prepare a mask based at home yogurt is Vitamin E. Just buy some Vitamin E capsules (reduce them to powder) put them in a bowl, add two spoons of yogurt, half a teaspoon of honey and half a lemon, finally a little salt.

Let's apply this mask on our neck and keep it on for about 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water and use the moisturizer.

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Causes forehead and neck wrinkles

Wrinkles from the forehead to the neck: causes and remedies for expression signs
Face, Photo source: Unsplash

But because, especially after a certain age, the most hateful ones come out wrinkles? Not everyone perhaps knows who these are skin changes; the skin, in fact, undergoes a damage in the structure especially with regards to elasticity.

Obviously, at least in most cases, this problem arises again after over 30 and initially we begin to see on our face the wrinkles expression especially on the sides of the eyes and mouth. Chased, those on the forehead and neck begin to appear.

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Are there subjects more exposed to the formation of them? Yes, some categories are more exposed. The people most exposed to the onset of wrinkles, or rather the fact that they occur earlier, are the most emotional and i smoking.

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