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Valentine's Day, the day of lovers, is upon us: here are some ideas on where to go, several nice places to visit as a couple to celebrate in the most romantic places

Valentine's Day, travel (photo source: Pixabay)

The most awaited day from all pairs and all lovers is finally coming.

Valentine's day is upon us and it will be a blaze of love, chocolates, exchange of gifts and romantic dinners, without forgetting the couples who want to have a dinner instead travel: here's where to go, some ideas with particularly nice places and places absolutely romantics.

The idea of ​​giving a love-based stay it is increasingly widespread and there are different possibilities for all budgets.

Our Italy offers suggestive and suitable places for lovebirds.

Valentine's Day: where to go, ideas, nice places and romantic places
Gradara / Mantua (Pixabay)

Gradara: a beautiful village located in the Marche region, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, where “Gradara d’amare” is organized on Valentine's Day, an event that lets love breathe in every street. Evocative and charming village, it is also the theater of the tragic love story between Paul is Francesca.

Mantova: wonderful city that celebrates love on February 14, full of initiatives and interesting places to visit for a relaxing stay. A place particularly appreciated for its walks romantic, but also for the Palazzo Ducale, the Camera degli Sposi, Palazzo Te e and the Sala di Amore e Psiche, among other things.

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Valentine's Day, romantic destinations and places, nice places and ideas to surprise your partner

Valentine's Day: where to go, ideas, nice places and romantic places
Positano / Florence (Pixabay)

If you think of a trip with the partner, Italy must certainly be taken into consideration, as mentioned.

Positano: immersed in the Coast Amalfi, this is a place that can not miss among the tips: the atmosphere, the view, the colors make this place absolutely magical and romantic. Positano is so beautiful that it seems fake. The walks through the narrow streets, the known Path of the Gods and candlelit dinners make the destination particularly suitable.

Florence: the Tuscan city needs no introduction. An excellent destination for walks on the Old Bridge, to sip fantastic wines and go in with the Florentine steak. You can breathe culture in every corner and it is therefore a splendid idea for couples looking for relaxation.

Taormina: not even this spectacular location in Sicily needs no introduction. Taormina looks like a painting, appreciated for the breathtaking panorama, with the note terrace on Etna which represents an absolute jewel for all of Italy. Who is looking for romance can not fail to count it among the possibilities

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