Vitamin C, how to take it? 5 foods that contain it


Vitamin C is one of the most sought after elements, but sometimes we don't know in which foods to find it: here are the 5 foods that contain the most

Tomato, Photo source: Pixabay

There C vitamin, especially for our immune system, it is really fundamental for our body but sometimes we don't know where to find it and which ones alimony we can consume: here are 5 foods to eat to take it.

Cauliflower – this vegetable is a real cure-all for our body, in fact, just eating just 100 grams to take about 77% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin. In addition, cauliflower is rich in potassium, an excellent element in this period before the summer.

tomatoes – this vegetable, widely used during the summer, is a very powerful antioxidant as well as containing a large dose of this Vitamin. In addition, according to the researchers of the National Institutes of Health, tomatoes give a great help to the biosynthesis of collagen and consequently to the connective tissue.

Peppermint – this plant is also rich in this Vitamin and guarantees our body a 1 mg intake for each time it is consumed. This hybrid (Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata) is also rich in Vitamin A.

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Vitamin C can be taken by consuming different foods: here are some of them

Vitamin C, how to take it? Here are the 5 foods that contain it
Peppermint, Photo source: Pixabay

There C vitamin it is therefore a great ally for ours Welfare daily, it helps us keep our immune system at its best and it is possible to find it in many foods, including: tomatoes, peppermint and cauliflower but not only.

Rosemary – remaining in the splendid universe of aromatic herbs, rosemary can also help us take the Vitamin in question, in fact, for 100 gr of product there are as many as 22 mg of Vitamin.

Green chillies – during the summer there is nothing better than green chillies. These too are rich in Vitamin C and moreover they are really very tasty.

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What is Vitamin C used for?

Vitamin C, how to take it? Here are the 5 foods that contain it
Orange, Photo source: Pixabay

We have always been told to consume the C vitamin, but what is it for? This Vitamin is a very powerful antioxidant and has the task of protecting: DNA, cells, and proteins from oxidative stress.

In addition, as many will surely already know, its primary and best known function is to strengthen our immune system. It is essential for the different metabolic and biochemical reactions; finally regulates liver metabolism, regulates the different endothelial functions and hormones.

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Vitamin C and Coronavirus

Vitamin C, how to take it? Here are the 5 foods that contain it
Coronavirus, Photo source: Pixabay

Recently some have been spreading the rumor that the C vitamin would shield or even defeat the New Coronavirus. Obviously there is nothing more false, in fact, there is no scientific proof of this claim.

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