Turmeric, ally against cholesterol: how to use it?


Turmeric is increasingly used in our kitchen, but often we do not know the many benefits and how to use it in the kitchen: here are some ways

Turmeric, Photo source: Pixabay

In the kitchen, more and more often and especially in this period of quarantine, we indulged ourselves with different dishes and we experimented with different spices including the turmeric. This tasty rootbesides being a lot versatile, it is also rich in benefits and can even help us fight cholesterol.

This spice, perhaps not everyone knows it, it comes from far away and is included in the traditional medicine of some countries such as China and India. Among the many benefits we mention, especially in the first instance, wing reduction intestinal gas and properties inflammatory.

The spice in question is also an excellent source of fiber and these, as we all know, are a real cure-all for our intestine. As regards the vitaminsinstead, we can find some of the group B a true portento for ours metabolism.

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Turmeric, a panacea for our health: together with honey against extra pounds

Turmeric, a great ally against cholesterol: here's how to use it
Honey, Photo source: Pixabay

There turmeric, as we saw in the previous paragraph, he is a true friend for our health. This spice, however, is also excellent on its own but together with honey can help us against the most hateful extra pounds.

Both, as we all know, are natural foods and their properties are truly fantastic. Two ingredients like this, if put together, can only become a real strength and give many benefits to our body.

Among the many benefits of this combination we find: the reinforcement of the immunitary defense, aid against cold and the sore throat, and the weight loss.

The honey has several properties and many benefits for our body; in fact, this helps us fight the flu symptoms, it helps our bacterial flora and our digestive system.

If honey and turmeric are consumed together, all the benefits described above increase exponentially.

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Can turmeric be consumed in pregnancy?

Turmeric, a great ally against cholesterol: here's how to use it
Pregnant woman, Photo source: Pixabay

There turmeric can be consumed in pregnancy? According to experts, it should not be consumed as it could bring some problems to the mother and the baby. Not all, however, are of the same opinion so for any doubt it is always recommended to ask your gynecologist or your doctor.

In the meantime we can list some benefits of this spice in pregnancy that can be multiple and among these there is the possible reduction of morning sickness. The spice, since it has a very strong flavor and often not everyone likes it alone, can be consumed together with honey.

Among the problems that, however, we can encounter during pregnancy by consuming this spice we find:

  1. This spice could cause, due to the anticoagulant effect, bloody uterine or premature birth.
  2. estrogen-like action of curcumin.

During breastfeeding, however, it is better not to consume it even if not research has not done many studies in this regard.

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Turmeric and contraindications

Turmeric, a great ally against cholesterol: here's how to use it
Turmeric, Photo source: Pixabay

For those who enjoy excellent health, this spice not from particular problems but for those who have some problems must pay particular attention. For example, for those with complications biliary tract before consuming this spice, you must ask your doctor for a consultation.

Others Health problems so ask your doctor for advice before taking it turmeric I'm:

  • Blood clotting problems.
  • Gallbladder problems.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Intestinal problems.

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