“The lips of the devil”. The new incredible aesthetic fashion.


An aesthetic tendency that is highly criticized for its dangerousness and rather disquieting appearance. What do you think? -VIDEO

The lips of the devil (Instagram photo)

I'm not sure about Christmas atmosphere, yet in recent months the technique is becoming rather viral Devil lips, followed mainly by the younger ones.

The “Lips of the devil”, so called because of their wave shape, they are a fad coming from Russia that is making many experts in the field discuss it which they consider completely unnatural.

but yet Alexandra Gont, the cosmetologist who imported this extravagant method into Europe, ensures that it is a completely safe aesthetic treatment made using hyaluronic acid, already known to all to give volume to the lips.

Wavy cartoon-style or sensual and eye-catching lips?

This trend has triggered the most disparate reactions on the web that is divided between those who find them horrible and those who ask for information to be able to do them. Up Instagram it has taken hold in the form of hastag and the photos have spread quickly, accentuating the new fashion even more.

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The most demure decide to be injected filler only on the upper lip, while the more extravagant ones also modify the lower lip, giving the mouth a bad character-like appearance of the cartoon.

“The technique of the Devil lips does not have an official scientific confirmation,” he explained Cristina Varesi, aesthetic doctor in Milan, “There is no specific type of filler to use and, although the bruises that may appear after the treatment are to be considered transient outcomes linked to any type of injection, I do not feel able to define this procedure a medical act” .

“Lips of the devil” (Instagram photo)

Indeed the purpose of aesthetic medicine it should be to correct imperfections that create discomfort, thereby improving the quality of life. Sometimes, instead, these aesthetic interventions are used too lightly, thinking of a fashion rather than a real intervention. It is important to at least turn to medical studies recognized because the wrongly injected filler could cause clots or even tissue necrosis.

Always go further, maybe chasing like, is it a sign of progress or rather does it make us reflect on the excesses we face to amaze others rather than to please ourselves?

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