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Dry skin and immense hunger can be some symptoms of a problem that we have never thought about before: here is what it is and how to treat it

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If in the last period we have not been feeling in top form, the fault can be first phase of quarantine, where the movement has been very little, but also of the dehydration.

As many of us will surely already know, drink little water can have some repercussions on our body as this beverage, even considered a food, is the architect of most of ours vital functions.

According to experts, the amount of water to be consumed during the day is approximately 2 liters, but obviously the amount taken can vary according to our habits and also to the season of the year in which we find ourselves.

As we said, one of the main causes of dehydration and also the most visible one is the dry skin. The first problem that dry skin can bring to our body is the lack of sweating, this means that our body does not mean our body is unable to self-purify and perspiration is less.

Maybe we don't know ours joints they are composed of about 80% of water and consequently our bones also need deep hydration to help us resist the many movements that we repeat every day.

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Dehydration symptoms

Dry skin and immense hunger: symptoms of an unexpected problem
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As we saw in the previous paragraph, the dehydration it can be a real problem and our body, fortunately, gives us strong and clear messages.

Ours too muscle mass suffers from lack of water because, even in this case, our muscles are also composed of water. Dehydration can lead to muscle inflammation especially if we exercise a lot.

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