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Spirit in the dark is the new single by bluesman songwriter Zucchero, which offers an intriguing and spiritual song marked with its splendid timbre.

The singer Zucchero (Source: Instagram of the singer-songwriter)

After “Freedom”, published October 4, 2019, from his last albumD.O.C.sugar choose “Spirit in the dark” as second single, 13 December 2019.

An intense song, whose musical basis is that of the modern sonorities typical of electronic music but with the usual, unmistakable, voice of Zucchero.

Gospel choirs and melodies contribute to giving a soulful touch which is the hallmark of single and of the whole album, besides being a trademark of the Emilian artist himself.

sugar It is one of bluesman most influential and certainly best known in Italy, probably the only one to be known and appreciated abroad (just remember his collaborations with Brian May, legendary guitarist of Queen).

A text that is neither immediate nor easy to interpret “Spirit in the dark”, Sometimes obscure and intriguing, but which certainly communicates the profound spirituality that wants to be the message of the piece itself.

In the piece there is a hope or almost a vision of rebirth, of what can bring light back into the darkness (“I would like to see the whole world in celebration that lights spirit in the dark”, a verse of the song).

And so, as had already been the case for “Freedom”, also “Spirit in the dark” it's a single extracted definitely not by chance from thelast album, as it is a piece that clearly contains the “spirit” of the entire album.

The unmistakable soul and blues brand is the imprint of Zucchero's music

Smiling sugar
Smiling sugar in a recent shot (Source: singer's Instagram)

On the record the soulful tones of the voice and the music tell the concern for the difficult times of today, but if necessary with a hope for the future.

THE'album “D.O.C.” was published in November 2019 by Universal and was produced by sugar together with Max Marcolini and the great Don Was, already producer of albums by artists who have gone down in history such as Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones.

An excellent production for what is perhaps the most international artist in the traditional Italian scene, a songwriter sugar, which also in its collaborations for individual pieces is always addressed to the world of Anglo-Saxon music.

In fact, among the various artists who have collaborated on the music of his tracks, one above all is Rag 'n ’Bone Man, the author of the hit” Human “of 2016.

But in addition to the blues and the English and American world there is always space in the musical universe of sugar for collaborations also with great Italian artists: in thislast album it was up to De Gregori in the song “Tempo al tempo” and Davide Van De Sfroos in “Testa o croce”.

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