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Niksen: the gentle doing nothing exercised a few minutes a day helps to release the tensions of life.

Imagine being able to laze for a while'. Imagine yourself there calm and the total relaxation of the mind and body. It is not difficult to do it or exercise it. Niksen is the Dutch word that describes a new lifestyle, which consists in carving out a moment of the day to simply dedicate to one's thoughts. During the day our duties never end: work, deliveries, meetings with colleagues, home, children, gym, study, exams … In short, today's life has such a frenetic pace that it seriously risks to exhaust us and to compromise our mental and physical health, as well as to take time away from our hobbies, the affection of our family and sleep. What better way, then, if not to laze around for a while, so by release the tensions? This “sweet far nothing”Is not to be confused with laziness, listlessness and unwillingness. Obviously, we are not asked to remain with our hands, otherwise our life would be blocked. The new lifestyle only asks to take a few minutes or hours a day to recharge the batteries and regenerate from daily efforts.

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Niksen: what it consists of and its benefits

Practice is a kind of meditation that requires you to accomplish a self mental relaxation, listening to music, remaining silent or closing your eyes for a short period of time, initially also 5-10 minutes. In this way it is possible to break the daily routine and move away from the sources of tension. It is also recommended to try to make a weekend away from technology. To be precise, it is necessary to disconnect the radio, TV, computer, close your eyes and don't think about anything. However, this is an art that needs to be refined: it seems paradoxical, but not everyone is able to laze. A 2013 study on the subject recorded an increase in the heartbeats of some people left at the mercy of their thoughts. This is because you need to learn to manage your thoughts, taking some time, stopping is breathing. In 2019, the World Health Organization officially recognized stress as a chronic disease. Needless to deny it: we are all affected, some more and some less. According to experts, Niksen's benefits are seen both mentally and physically, slowing down the aging process of our body. This is a lifestyle that will soon be adopted by many people, a way of seeing life in a new light.

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