new album awaited for the Sienese rocker


Gianna Nannini came out with a new album entitled “La Differenza” that wants her back on the Italian record scenes and better than ever.

Gianna Nannini in concert (Source: Getty Images)

The new work of Italy's most famous rocker was released on November 15, 2019 Gianna Nannini, by title “The difference”.

This new and highly anticipated album of the singer was conceived and written in London within a few months and fits perfectly into the Italian rock scene, respecting the unmistakable style of the Nannini.

The disk embraces relatively new folk and blues sounds for the Sienese rocker and which, however, are the very basis of the rock genre, as well as a fundamental part of the American musical tradition.

THE'album it was in fact recorded entirely in Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of American folk and country music, at John McBride's Blackbird studios, and is influenced by international influences even more than Nannini's previous works.

Another particularity, the CD was recorded live and presents only a duet, the one with Coez in the track “Motivo”, a piece that for obvious reasons also sounds much more “pop” than the rest of the album.

But the collaborations in the other tracks are still present, such as in the second track, “Romantico e Bestiale”, written together with Dave Stewart, historical guitarist of the British synth pop group Eurythmics.

Gianna Nanni and her lifestyle in full rock ‘n’ roll

Gianna Nannini microphone
Gianna Nannini singing (Source: Instagram of the singer)

The disk was previewed by Gianna national team on November 14th when the rocker was invited as a guest of X-Factor 13 in connection with Berlin.

The woman was there just the day before the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the wall, an event to which Gianna Nannini it is particularly linked and was present in 1989.

There singer she performed with the first single from the album, which carries the same title, “The Difference”, and in one of her great classics, “Boy of Europe”, from her 1982 album “Latin Lover”.

There Sienese rocker embodies the spirit of rock 'n ’roll even in its own lifestyle, one woman untiring that despite the advancing age – she has just turned 65 – and motherhood, she does not stop dedicating herself to music.

Punctually she manages to express her talent and her passion, which brought her to where she came from, to the point of winning the Tenco award in 2019 and surely being one of the most popular rock singers in Italy, if not more than Vasco and Ligabue.

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