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With a diet rich in vitamin D you can lose weight, strengthening the heart and the immune system. Numerous scientific studies confirm this thesis

Stay in the open air, kissed by the sun (photo source: pixabay)

There vitamin D it is also called “The sun's vitamin”. Named so because it is thanks to the sun's rays that we can summarize it. More precisely, it is necessary to speak of prohormone, made up of five different vitamins: D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5.

The beneficial properties of this vitamin for our body are manifold. From improving the efficiency of our immune system, until the contribution of the weight loss and of prevention of the cardiovascular system. In addition, it helps us better absorb certain elements such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium

It is very easy to be in vitamin D deficiency, especially in the winter months, when we tend to stay more indoors without being exposed to sunlight. This lack is recoverable, however, by eating the right foods, leading an active and non-sedentary lifestyle, taking walks, kissed by the sun's rays. Its intake is important, because as mentioned, it is very useful for strengthening the immune system and can prevent the onset of influenza A.

Some Scientific studies, like the one led by a team from the University of Cambridge, have shown that with the intake of vitamin D, you can effectively reduce fat mass. Several German academic realities have revealed, by publishing their studies on the pages of the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, how the sun's vitamin has contributed to significantly lowering various risk markers of cardiovascular diseases, in 200 overweight subjects.

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Let's see what foods are rich in vitamin D and what lifestyle to adopt to stay fit

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As mentioned above, it is easy to be deficient in vitamin D. Its lack is manifested by very specific symptoms: stomach problems, dancing mood, excessive sweating and constant tiredness.

To contribute to the correct absorption of this vitamin, you need to start withavoid closing yourself in the house for a long time. Try to stay outdoors and make great rides and walks in the park.

Now let's see what are the richest foods of this very important vitamin. The foods that mostly contain this prohormone and that we should therefore consume consistently are: salmon and blue fish, egg yolk, milk and yogurt, without forgetting orange juice.

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It is good to remember that anyone who wants to take vitamin D supplements or take any diet, the best thing is to contact your doctor or to a specialist who will be able to indicate the best path in respect of health.

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