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Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, is near: but what is the story and legend that surrounds February 14 and the Holy Protector of lovers?

Valentine's Day (photo source: Pixabay)

Valentine's day, the party that falls every February 14 is the most awaited day from all engaged couples: but the day we celebrate the love according to tradition, it has an origin that you mixto history and legend, here is which.

Chocolates, trips, dinners, sweet messages and romantic moments, that of February 14, San Valentino, is the most awaited party and which most of all fascinates couples of lovers.

The birth of this day, in which love is celebrated, is linked to Holy Protector of lovers, and as often happens, it refers to a holy Christian martyr. We are talking about Valentine's Day, the first Bishop of the city of Terni.

The latter was born in Terni roughly in 175 AD and died beheaded in 273 AD, just on February 14.

His is a sad story, since he was first persecuted and then killed by the will of the prefect Placido Furio. Here are the reasons for this bitter fate and like that of the lovers has become a party.

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Valentine's Day, history and legend of the day of lovers: when it is born and why

Valentine's Day: legend and history of the day of lovers
Saint Valentine bishop and martyr – wood carving sec. XX – Church of S. Antonio in Terni (Wikipedia Commons)

Tradition has it that the origin of Valentine's day is to be traced, in a set of history and legend, to the first Vbishop of the city of Terni. He was prosecuted and beheaded for religious crimes, including the refusal of the conversion to paganism and the replacement of some pagan feasts with other Christians.

How do you go from the death of the bishop to the feast of lovers?

Valentine's day it was he who celebrated the night between Sabino, Roman legionary, and the Christian Serapio. Sabino was pagan and when he asked to marry the girl, her family refused.

the legionary then decided on advice to go to Valentino, to approach the religion and receive the baptism. As everything seemed to be going well, the girl fell ill with tuberculosis and was dying. Nonetheless, by virtue of Sabino's prayers, the bishop agreed to marry to make sure they were united for eternity.

Here, according to tradition, Valentine's Day became the protector from lovers, so much so, it is said, to institute a day for the blessing of all couples.

Compared to the feast as we are known today, with gifts, thoughts and messages of love, the origin would go back to Middle Ages, thanks to birth of the love courteous since Geoffrey Chaucer.

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