Hypertension, celery and bananas are great allies for health


Hypertension is a fairly common problem in both women and men, but what can we eat? Here are some tips and what to avoid

Saffron, Photo source: Pixabay

hypertension it is a problem that affects both men and women, with the right care this pathology can be kept under control but what can we put at the table? Here are some tips and what to avoid.

With the right care, carefully given by our doctor, the high pressure it can be kept under control but you have to pay close attention to alimony that we eat and we have to choose them with the right criteria.

Many foods can help us especially if prepared by us and not pre-cooked or ready-made. Moreover fruits, vegetables and whole foods if consumed regularly they can make the difference and be real allies.

Foods to consume include bananas. These, in fact, are rich in potassium and help regulate blood pressure by helping us balance sodium, first among those responsible for high blood pressure.

According to experts, another food that can make a difference is celery. This, I eat also in large quantities, helps us to keep high blood pressure under control.

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Bananas and celery against hypertension: here are the other foods to include in our diet

Hypertension, what to put on the table? Some tips and what to avoid
Bananas, Photo source: Pixabay

hypertension it can therefore be a real problem, but if we observe the treatments given to us by our doctor and some small precautions at the table we can keep it under control.

Even the spices they can give us a big hand and among these there is saffron which, thanks to its great content of crocetin, it helps us keep our pressure at normal levels. This tasty spice can be used to prepare an excellent risotto or even to flavor some drinks.

Also add to our diet seeds is spices can help us reduce the amount of salt that we add to ours food.

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Among alimonyinstead we have to to avoid in general we find those ready made such as: minestrone is soups. Furthermore also the sausages they end up in blacklist because of the large salt content inside them and as regards carbohydrates, it is better to choose those without salt.

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