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Peaches, especially at this time of year, are a true ally for our line but they can also be really useful to protect the heart

Peach, Photo source: Pixabay

During this period, thanks to the heat and the advancing summer, the peaches I am a real ally for ours supply daily but they can also be excellent allies for ours heart.

The Latin name of this fruit is Prunus persica, this is really rich in many antioxidants and inside it also has several Vitamins like that C, A and E.

In our country, as we all surely already know, this tasty fruit is available between June and September; thanks to Vitamin A this food is really fundamental for our sight and is also rich in iron.

In addition, another element that should not be underestimated is potassium, which is really excellent for helping our blood pressure. Finally, there is also fluoride that helps our bones and teeth.

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Peaches, many benefits: here is the study that proves it

Peaches, properties and benefits: a true ally to protect the heart
Peach, Photo source: Pixabay

The peaches they are rich in benefits and for this reason I have been under the watchful eye of scientists for several years; about a group of researchers of Seoul National University College of Medicine decided to study them in depth.

The researchers have indeed decided to make one study and to monitor the effects of this fruit on the fats and blood pressure of some rats with high blood pressure. Monitoring lasted well 33 days and scholars have noted a marked improvement in the composition of health-damaging fats.

This fruit is really very tasty and, as we saw in the previous paragraph, it can be a true ally for health but like any food, this also has contraindications.

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Among the various problems in which we can go against taking this food is allergy. If, on the other hand, we are taking some drugs, science seems to have found no problems but it is always better to seek advice from your doctor.

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