Donkey milk, how many benefits: excellent against wrinkles


Hardly anyone knows donkey milk yet, according to legend, Cleopatra immersed herself in it for her priorities and the many benefits

Donkey, Photo source: Pixabay

According to some legends, to keep her beauty unchanged and her skin always shining, it seems that the beautiful Cleopatra plunged into donkey milk. Furthermore, according to some rumors, other very famous historical figures such as Poppea and Napoleon Bonaparte also observed this practice.

It seems to have made the practice famous Poppea, consort of Nerone, and from that moment it is believed that this type of milk makes wrinkles disappear and the skin of the body seems to be lighter and softer.

To tell us your opinion on it is Ettore Togneri, known manufacturer of donkey milk as well as president of the Italian Consortium Latte Asina, which confirmed the aforementioned thesis: “It's all true”.

This product, according to some theories, seems that in addition to enhancing beauty it is also a powerful curative against intestinal diseases, the Crohn's disease, some types of allergies and intolerances and so on.

The price of this variety of milk is really very high, in fact, it is around 15 euros for a single liter. The price is justified by the fact that the donkey produces milk only for six months a year.

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Donkey milk, many of its benefits: when should we consume it?

Donkey milk, how many benefits: a real miracle against wrinkles
Donkey, Photo source: Pixabay

The donkey milk it is therefore a real cure for our health and according to the president of the Consortium quoted in the previous paragraph: “Donkey milk is very useful in cases of immunodeficiency because it contains a natural antibiotic, lysozyme “- he adds – rebuild the intestinal villi, for the stomach donkey milk is therefore perfect in cases of reflux gastroenteritis to treat micro ulcerations and in Germany they use it for Crohn's disease“.

It is also really excellent especially for those who are intolerant to cow's milk: “For intolerances and allergies to cow's milk, donkey's milk represents an almost natural substitute, it is in fact similar to 95% of breast milk, while that of cow stops at 7% “.

As mentioned previously, this food is excellent especially for our beauty, in fact it has an “exfoliating and rejuvenating” effect. This product, however, for cosmetic use is used only for the 20% the rest of its production goes to baby food.

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Until 2004 this drink was coded as an object and consequently its bottling was done without the appropriate label. Ettore Togneri explains: “Today, with the transposition of EU legislation, it is a food in all respects and can be purchased from producers, pharmacies and large retailers”.

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