Does Coffee Lose Weight? How to take it to stay fit


Coffee is the drink most consumed by Italians, but how can we take it to lose weight? Here's how to stay fit

Coffee, Photo source: Pixabay

Among the most consumed drinks by Italians there is the coffee, this is in fact taken in the morning, after lunch and for the more daring even after dinner. This drink, however, has multiple properties and also seems to make you lose weight: but how is it possible?

According to some research conducted by the School of Medicine of the British University of Nottingham, in fact, a single cup of this drink would be enough half an hour before lunch, our appetite would be less than if we do not consume it.

The percentage seems to be even 35%. According to this research, the intake of this drink seems to stimulate the creation of “brown fat” or a type of fat that produces heat.

Furthermore, according to Professor Symonds, the adipose tissue, obviating the one called “brown”, seems to work differently than the others, in fact this produces heat and in this way burns sugars and fat.

According to some, however, this drink would help us protect ourselves from certain diseases, such as Parkinson's, thanks to the content of antioxidants.

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Coffee makes you lose weight: excellent for speeding up your metabolism

Coffee, is it true that it makes you lose weight? How to consume it to stay in shape
Coffee, Photo source: Pixabay

The coffee therefore it can be an excellent ally for weight loss, also thanks to the formation of the so-called “brown fat”, heat is produced and fats and sugars are dissolved.

These tasty drink is also capable of speeding up our metabolism and allowing our body to burn more calories. Coffee, according to some research, seems to aid liver regeneration.

Obviously, as for all drinks and tasty foods, this too should be consumed sparingly, in fact the recommended dose is two maximum three cups. In fact, if the recommended dose is exceeded, our body can run into some problems and we may have some difficulty sleeping.

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Coffee and blood pressure

Coffee, is it true that it makes you lose weight? How to consume it to stay in shape
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Can people with high blood pressure drink coffee? The answer is no. This drink, in fact, increases adrenaline, constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure. Obviously, the effects just listed, have a duration of a few hours but in that time they affect our body in a negative way.

This drink is therefore highly discouraged for those suffering from high blood pressure and also, according to some research, those who drink it occasionally seem to have more problems than those who take one cup a day.

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Coffee and benefits

Coffee, is it true that it makes you lose weight? How to consume it to stay in shape
Coffee, Photo source: Pixabay

The benefits of this drink are truly many:

  1. Thanks to caffeine contained inside, this drink helps us during the day to feel more active and less tired.
  2. According to some studies, coffee stimulates our brain especially some activities such as: mood, memory, attention and different cognitive functions.
  3. It contains many nutrients and various vitamins (Vitamin B2; Vitamin B3; Vitamin B5), it is also rich in potassium, magnesium and manganese.
  4. According to some studies, those who habitually consume this drink have less chance of experiencing type 2 diabetes.

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