Coronavirus, nutritionist: “What to eat in quarantine”


Speaking to the microphones of Mattino Cinque, the nutritionist Nicola Sorrentino advises which foods to consume to strengthen the immune system and keep weight under control during this period of quarantine

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In the broadcast conducted by Francesco Vecchi on Canale 5, he spoke on nutritionist Nicola Sorrentino, which given advice profits to eat healthy in this difficult moment of home isolation.

Moving around indoors may be difficult for some people. A little boredom, a little stress, surely at the moment we are more dedicated to cooking, with the risk of taking on an incorrect diet, inevitably gaining weight.

Here are the nutritionist's advice to better live the quarantine, eating healthy and balanced. Initially, it is absolutely important to consume 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day. These are foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti oxidants that improve our immune defenses.

A mistake that is often made is to eliminate i carbohydrates, but they are essential for a necessary energy supply. Wholemeal ones are preferable because they keep the rate of blood sugar rise under control. So go ahead for whole wheat pasta, rice and bread.

The nutritionist then recommends choosing lean, easily digestible proteins: herringbone fish especially. Without forgetting i legumes. What's better than a delicious pasta and beans or a pasta and lentils? These are healthy and complete dishes, to which little extra virgin olive oil must be added.

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Here are some delicious tips from the nutritionist not to deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating, keeping weight under control

Cereals, Source: Pixabay

Nicola Sorrentino, the nutritionist, was keen to stress the importance of the Mediterranean diet, a diet that in many parts of the world they try to emulate. In fact, this diet helps the proliferation of “t lymphocytes”, ie those cells that stimulate our immune system with an antioxidant action, helping to keep weight under control and increasing immune defenses.

There nuts it is a food of vital importance, as it has exceptional qualities in the energy supply and is a tantalizing snack that can be eaten in the morning or as a snack. 10 almonds or 15 pistachios they gratify us and make us get to the meal less hungry.

To combat hunger attacks, the nutritionist has found a very original idea: replace the flowers in the center of the table with a tray of pinzimonio. This way you can munch on carrots, celery or fennel and fight hunger pangs. These are healthy and non-calorie snacks, much better than chips, snacks or the like.

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To conclude, Nicola Sorrentino suggested a delicious idea so as not to deprive yourself of the pleasure of enjoying a good one sweet. Take the ice cube tray and pour some yogurt, putting a drop of stevia (a natural sweetener that doesn't hurt) in each square, cover it with cinnamon and put it in the fridge. So you can eat healthy and low-calorie jellies.

Sorrentino then made a necessary clarification: nutrition can help improve our immune defenses but it certainly does not cure coronavirus.

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