can counteract the infection and cure?


Is it possible that some foods like garlic can prevent or even cure Covid-19? The answer of the experts of the Ministry of Health

Garlic (photo source: pixabay)

Since real medicines capable of fighting Covid-19 have not yet been found, a lot of news is circulating about drinks and foods that can prevent coronavirus infection.

One of them is the garlic. A plant known for its extraordinary medicinal properties. It has qualities that make it a food useful for preventing flu, colds and skin diseases. In addition, it also has anthelmintic properties, and is therefore useful for eliminating various types of worms. Without forgetting its usefulness when respiratory infections arise.

In this regard, there is a rumor that garlic is able to counteract the coronavirus. Unfortunately, as stated on the website of the Higher Institute of Health: “Garlic is a healthy food that can have some antimicrobial properties. However, we have no scientific evidence that consumption and consumption protect against infections with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2“.

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The World Health Organization has also spoken out on garlic consumption to combat Covid-19. They all agree that this is fake news

Coronavirus (photo source: pixabay)

The rumor probably started circulating as a joke in Piedmont, where garlic is used to cook a delicacy typical of the region: the wets caoda. As mentioned above, garlic is considered a natural antibiotic, and it is also bactericidal, vermicidal, as well as regulating blood pressure.

Despite all these miraculous properties, nothing can against coronavirus. Following all these voices, the World Health Organization also intervened to appease the euphoria: “Garlic is a healthy food that can have certain antimicrobial properties. However, in the current pandemic, there is no evidence that garlic consumption protects people from the new coronavirus.

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Many are shooting fake news like this. Many foods and drinks are considered useful for fighting the infection, although there is no scientific evidence about it. There is talk of vitamin C, oranges, lemons, hot drinks that would be able to kill the virus. As said, the Ministry of Health has denied all these false news, without scientific and real basis.

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